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Prehistoric Kingdom

       Prehistoric Kingdom is a prehistoric themed, park management simulation game inspired by the likes of classics like Jurassic Park Operation Genesis and Zoo Tycoon 2. Which is currently being developed by a hard-working, dedicate team of talented artists from all around the world.

       The main goal is to achieve a successfull theme park, properly investing the funds you have; building attractions in order to make both your dinosaurs and guests happy. As a park manager, you will have to do plenty of things, ranging from keeping the prehistoric creatures from escaping all the way down to researching new ammenities and more to make your park one of the greatest out there.

       There will be many challanges to face in Prehistoric Kingdom. May it be keeping the great Tyrannosaurus or even the amazing Saber Tooth Tiger from escaping, or preventing storms and tornados from destroying your amazing hard work.

       Many creatures and animals will keep you entertained, all with complex and smart AI, top-notch sounds and beautifully detailed models. Complete with a great weather system, ability for animals to breed and also the great feeling of watching your marine reptiles and flying animals live in peaceful harmony!

       Not everything however, will be just fun and games! The visitors will need to be kept safe from these great animals. In order to do this, you will have to take maximum security measures and will have to place down buildings such as security shelters, security cameras and more! Keeping visitors happy will also be no easy task. They will require to be entertained and fed, so it will be important to place down restaurants, rest areas (just in case they get tired!), rides and more to keep them feeling great!

       Prehistoric Kingdom will have several demos out before the final game. Expect the first tech demo out in about a couple of months, featuring the first, basic games mechanics, with a couple of dinosaur species roaming an wild island.

Also, with our constant updates, you will never get bored!

So, wouldn't you like to become a park manager, reliving those childhood moments that you miss so dearly?

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