Prehistoric Kingdom

A prehistoric theme park simulator like no other

Immersive Game Environments

Breath taking graphics combined with immersive islands give you the ultimate roller coaster of an experience. Our realistic AI and complex game mechanics are bound to add to the challenge of managing your own theme park filled with impressive Prehistoric creatures ranging from Dodos to Brachiosaurus

Majestic Prehistoric Animals

Many creatures and animals will keep you entertained, all with complex and smart AI, top-notch sounds and beautifully detailed models. Complete with a great weather system, ability for animals to breed and also the great feeling of watching your marine reptiles and flying animals live in peaceful harmony!

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Prehistoric Kingdom

Prehistoric Kingdom

Prehistoric Kingdom is an upcoming indie simulator game about building the perfect prehistoric themed park

Prehistoric Kingdom will feature a wide array of both biological and mechanical attractions to satisfy even the savviest players. Featuring animals of all shapes and sizes that have roamed this planet, Prehistoric Kingdom will recreate their natural behaviour as closely as possible

Prehistoric Kingdom will mainly be focused about planning, building and managing your own theme park but this doesn't mean you won't be able to have fun. Prehistoric Kingdom will surely be packed with exciting missions and scenarios which will provide endless challenges and experiences

You will be able to get a sneak peak of Prehistoric Kingdom with our tech demo. More patches and beta builds are on their way so stay tuned! And before you know it you will be playing the fully fledged final build of Prehistoric Kingdom

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Prehistoric Kingdom