few question about the game.

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few question about the game.

Postby Num123 » Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:24 am

1 Will Animals have different needs ? Like different temperature, humidity, space , stimulation , landscape etc. or just
different behavior
2 Can animals breed by themselves ?
3 How will new animals be unlock ?
4 Will Thylacine and Chinese-Paddlefish be featured in the game ?
5 Will there be season system ?
6 Will there be any difficult animals ?(animals that are picky eater)
7 Can Carnivore live with herbivore if it have no reason to attack ? like if they aren't hungry or herbivore is much bigger
8 Will there be Park-Star/Rating system ?
9 Are humped-Spinosaurus an option for Spinosaurus ? like how T.Rex have feathered and scaled version
10 Will there be any animals with specialize diet ? like how thorny-devil can only eat ants
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Re: few question about the game.

Postby Merking » Fri Sep 29, 2017 11:13 am

1. Yes
2. May depend on the animal but most often no
3. Over a hundred animals are planned but not on the list
4. No unless DLC features them
5. Likely yes but possibly no
6. We don´t know yet
7. Depends on the herbivore I guess
8. It seems so
9. We don´t know yet
10. Maybe?

I am not a developer but I tried to answer every question to my knowledge
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