Challenge yourself and build the Prehistoric Zoo of your dreams! Make it flourish, keep it safe. The possibilities are endless within this fantastical world. Extinction is not forever in Prehistoric Kingdom!

Research fossils, extract DNA. Clone diverse prehistoric animals and save them from extinction. But that is not all! Make sure your creatures are well fed and have large exhibits, for the Prehistoric Kingdom to become the perfect paleo sanctuary!

Breed a biologically diverse array of formerly-extinct animals, ranging from the mighty T.rex to the elegant Mosasaurus! But be careful. Some of these animals will get bored and break free unless you do your best to satisfy their needs

Keeping your guests entertained and happy is one of the top priorities in your park! Build plenty of attractions and beautifully decorated amenities, and don't forget accommodations and security measures! Make your visitors feel comfortable walking through your ancient reserve!

You'll meet many challenges before building the perfect theme park. Carefully use your resources and be always sure to manage your funds wisely. But there is more! Secure your park's energy and assure it is always in the best of conditions! The ultimate management power is in your hands

The Prehistoric Kingdom Team

Game Design and Programming

Kevin Perera
Matthew Jolly
Morten Bormeth

Art and Animation
Morosan Maurizio
William Peschke
Cheung Chung Tat
Ulrike Thon
Henrique Pistelli
Anthoni Reza
Aryan Kanani
Nathan Viller
Aris Chrisikopoulos
Steven Cormann
Amanda Cantarella
Cynthia Raggo
Aleksa Mrkela
David Rafael Krux

Game Design

Inspired by countless games, our game designers are working hard to deliver the most realistic and immersive theme park simulation possible

Art and Animation

Our arts team work tirelessly to resurrect majestic creatures from the sands of time with a touch of imagination to add our own personal twist


Our sound engineer and composer spends countless hours trying to come up with the best scores and sound effects to help players truly enjoy the theme park experience